Out For A Walk

Corona was in a very good mood today; her tail all curled up, smiling, ready for adventure. Unfortunately, the only adventure she had was going for a walk. Nonetheless, she had a great time on her walk with Monster Truck. It’s the happiest i’ve seen her in awhile. Even an old pug like Corona loves to go for walks. That is, when it isn’t too cold or too hot (she’s very sensitive to the weather).


Corona wishes everyone a very happy Friday!


Rainy Days

The days where Corona and Monster Truck spend 90% of their day on the couch. Sometimes Monster Truck will venture out into the rain, but most of the times he’ll stay instead with Corona.

Corona absolutely DREADS going for a walk at any point of the day when it’s raining. Even when it’s cold and/or snowing she hates it. She used to love playing in the snow when she was younger, but I guess in her old age she’d rather relax near the fireplace.


As you can see by this picture, Corona¬†really¬†doesn’t want to go outside.

Monster Truck on the other hand looks pretty excited for the rain!


Walk Time

One thing that needs to be known about Monster Truck, is that he loves to go for walks with Corona. Every time I take Corona for a walk he follows us around everywhere. Every now and then he’ll run ahead of us just to hide behind a tree to try and scare Corona. Corona is unfazed.


Here’s a picture of Monster Truck trying out this leash contraption that the humans use to walk Corona.

Long story short,

Monster Truck was unsuccessful.