Rain, Rain, Go Away

Another gloomy day full of rain. Rain means Monster Truck can’t spend as much outside, and staying inside and laying on the floor all day isn’t one of his favorite hobby’s, although it is a hobby of his.

On the bright side, tomorrow is Friday!

As you can tell by this picture, Monster Truck has had a long week and is more than ready for the weekend. I think we can all relate.


Rainy Days

The days where Corona and Monster Truck spend 90% of their day on the couch. Sometimes Monster Truck will venture out into the rain, but most of the times he’ll stay instead with Corona.

Corona absolutely DREADS going for a walk at any point of the day when it’s raining. Even when it’s cold and/or snowing she hates it. She used to love playing in the snow when she was younger, but I guess in her old age she’d rather relax near the fireplace.


As you can see by this picture, Corona¬†really¬†doesn’t want to go outside.

Monster Truck on the other hand looks pretty excited for the rain!