Rainy Days

The days where Corona and Monster Truck spend 90% of their day on the couch. Sometimes Monster Truck will venture out into the rain, but most of the times he’ll stay instead with Corona.

Corona absolutely DREADS going for a walk at any point of the day when it’s raining. Even when it’s cold and/or snowing she hates it. She used to love playing in the snow when she was younger, but I guess in her old age she’d rather relax near the fireplace.


As you can see by this picture, Corona really doesn’t want to go outside.

Monster Truck on the other hand looks pretty excited for the rain!


Dogs From Ecuador

This is completely unrelated to Corona & Monster Truck, but I just thought I would share some pictures of some dogs I met in Ecuador this past summer. I’m assuming the reason people follow this blog is because they either like dogs or cats (or both), so here you go!



This dog was about the size of my hand, and he was absolutely adorable. This little dog was in a shop, so naturally I had to go see this fluff ball.


All of the dogs in Ecuador were incredibly friendly, and loved any and all attention.


I don’t remember interacting with this dog much, but he’s pretty cute as you can tell.


I do remember this dog, and he was as sweet as could be.


THIS dog was one of a kind. He followed me around for roughly a mile until returning to go back where he came from. Not only was he the sweetest and coolest dog in the country of Ecuador, but he was also adorable. 

Kitty In The Dog Crate

Every now and then, for whatever reason, Monster Truck will go in Corona’s crate and spend some time in there. He doesn’t even leave any room for Corona! He used to do it when he was sick, but now I think he just genuinely enjoys it. She has plenty of other beds and places to rest, so she doesn’t mind him spending some time in there.

Just the other day, Monster Truck decided to take his nap into Corona’s crate.

Corona was patiently waiting for him to leave.

Corona was waiting for a long time.


Walk Time

One thing that needs to be known about Monster Truck, is that he loves to go for walks with Corona. Every time I take Corona for a walk he follows us around everywhere. Every now and then he’ll run ahead of us just to hide behind a tree to try and scare Corona. Corona is unfazed.


Here’s a picture of Monster Truck trying out this leash contraption that the humans use to walk Corona.

Long story short,

Monster Truck was unsuccessful.


Corona & Bear

About 6 years, Corona had a friend named Bear. He was an Australian Shepherd, and man oh man he had a lot of energy. He was like the Tasmanian Devil; he just never stopped moving. Corona and Bear didn’t see each other much, but when they did they made sure to make the most of their time; playing, running like crazy, chasing each other… It was a mad house when Bear was over. Since then, Bear has moved to Colorado where he absolutely LOVES the snow and mountains. I don’t think a sleepy pug like Corona would enjoy the mountains…

Can you tell Corona and Bear enjoyed playing with each other?




Corona & Little Black Kitty

This is Little Black Kitty. I only knew him when he was ancient, but I’ve heard countless stories of him. In his old age he didn’t do much, but he was still as loving as could be. We never knew how old he was because our neighbors gave him to us when they moved, but he had to be at least 15.  Little Black Kitty (LBK), was the sweetest cat out there. At the time we had 2 cats, LBK and Charger, and I certainly have the most memories of LBK. It’s too bad Corona ad LBK only knew each other for a few months, I’m sure they would have been great friends.


The Story Of Monster Truck

Yes, the cat with the weird name is Monster Truck. The greatest cat, pet, and friend that I have ever met. Watching the Yankees games on summer nights with Monster Truck will be apart of some of the greatest memories i’ll have. He is truly a one of a kind cat, and also the most loving cat i’ve ever met.

It all started when my brother brought him home after finding him in a dumpster. What inclined him to name him Monster Truck is beyond me, but I think it’s the coolest name for a cat out there. It’s a nice conversation starter also. My mom was certainly not happy with the extra cat living with us, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t find a home for this little black and white cat named Monster Truck. At the time we also had another cat living with us (Little Black Kitty) so it was a packed house, especially with Corona just joining our family. He is known throughout the neighborhood and everyone just simply loves him.