Dogs From Ecuador

This is completely unrelated to Corona & Monster Truck, but I just thought I would share some pictures of some dogs I met in Ecuador this past summer. I’m assuming the reason people follow this blog is because they either like dogs or cats (or both), so here you go!



This dog was about the size of my hand, and he was absolutely adorable. This little dog was in a shop, so naturally I had to go see this fluff ball.


All of the dogs in Ecuador were incredibly friendly, and loved any and all attention.


I don’t remember interacting with this dog much, but he’s pretty cute as you can tell.


I do remember this dog, and he was as sweet as could be.


THIS dog was one of a kind. He followed me around for roughly a mile until returning to go back where he came from. Not only was he the sweetest and coolest dog in the country of Ecuador, but he was also adorable. 

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