The Story Of Monster Truck

Yes, the cat with the weird name is Monster Truck. The greatest cat, pet, and friend that I have ever met. Watching the Yankees games on summer nights with Monster Truck will be apart of some of the greatest memories i’ll have. He is truly a one of a kind cat, and also the most loving cat i’ve ever met.

It all started when my brother brought him home after finding him in a dumpster. What inclined him to name him Monster Truck is beyond me, but I think it’s the coolest name for a cat out there. It’s a nice conversation starter also. My mom was certainly not happy with the extra cat living with us, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t find a home for this little black and white cat named Monster Truck. At the time we also had another cat living with us (Little Black Kitty) so it was a packed house, especially with Corona just joining our family. He is known throughout the neighborhood and everyone just simply loves him.


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